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A new law took effect on April 22, 2010, requiring any company working in a home or child-occupied facility built prior to 1978 must be registered with the EPA as a renovation firm. This rule requires John Piazza Jr. Construction, Inc. and all contractors to test for lead. Including all interior work which disturbs 6 square feet or more of lead-painted surfaces and 20 square feet or more for exterior surfaces, and all painted window replacements. Not complying with the RRP rule can include penalties of up to $32,500 per violation, per day.

You must use an EPA Certified Renovator to complete the renovation. A Certified Renovator (CR) means at least one employee from that company must receive training from an EPA-accredited provider, then pass a test. John Piazza Jr. Construction, Inc. is a registered CR, and assumes responsibility for on-site job supervision, training of other employees, overseeing safe work practices, cleaning, and cleaning verification of all work upon completion.

Why the concern over lead paint?

Exposure to lead in housing poses a significant health risk to young children. When absorbed into the body, lead is highly toxic. Lead is the most harmful to Children under the age of six because it is easily absorbed into their growing bodies and interferes with the developing brain and other organs. Pregnant women and women of child-bearing age are at risk, lead ingested by the mother it can affect the unborn baby. Lead poisoning can only be identified with a blood test. Trust John Piazza Jr. Construction, Inc. to manage your renovation project and avoid lead poisoning caused when painted surfaces are disturbed, dust is generated, and the dust is released into the air and ingested.

How is testing done?

As of April 22, 2010, all surfaces in Pre 1978 homes, that may contain lead paint must be tested prior to beginning work. The test involves having John Piazza Jr. Construction, Inc. scratch a small amount of paint to determine if the paint contains lead. If after completing the test, lead is present, then all the EPA rules for safe work practices for renovating lead will go into effect. If no lead is present, we can then proceed without following the EPA guidelines.

Is your Contractor/Handyman an EPA Certified Renovator?

Less than 10% of all contractors are Certified Renovators. Ask your contractor to show you their card certifying that they are qualified to perform the work. Without the certifications, they risk fines, injuring the customer, injuring their workers, and all who enter the jobsite with lead poisoning. Even the smallest amount of lead that is inhaled or ingested can make you very sick. Don’t risk lead poisoning, contact John Piazza Jr. Construction, Inc. who has been specially trained to remove the lead in an environmentally safe and effective manner.

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