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Team Members / Designer

The next area to review is the Construction Team and their duties. The team is composed of the owner, designer, builder, and eventually the subcontractors and the suppliers.


The builder should have the total responsibility for the selection of the subcontractor and suppliers, who will work for the builder to meet the client’s goal. The builder should also work with the clients as early as possible to establish the budget that will guide the entire process. The builder should also work with the owner in the selection process to make sure the items chosen are within budget and on site when the tradesmen need them to keep the flow of the project moving.


The designer has the obligation of putting the dream (not those of the designer) on paper in a professional manner so it can be understood by the other professionals who will be charged with actually building the home, within the agreed upon budget and in a reasonable time frame. From “scratch” plans can easily run $20,000-$40,000 with an architect, a design/builder can start from “scratch” for an average set of plans for $5,000.00 or modify an existing set of plans for relatively small charge.

Before you decide on your designer, find out if they use the computer aided design program (CAD ). This can greatly accelerate the design process (and lower costs) as well as making changes easy. It is a custom home isn’t it? Also, find out who actually does the design. At John Piazza Jr. Construction our design team does 80% of the homes we build, working directly with the clients. If you have to go through third parties the cost and time involved can get out of hand.


The owner is the most important part of the Team and their duties. Referring to the intuitively obvious. These duties include communicating to the designer/builder of what they are envisioning in their new home and how much they are willing to spend. Duties also include communicating to the designer/builder of what they are envisioning in their new home and how much they are willing to spend. Duties also include making selections on a timely basis, funding the project, and cooperating with the rest of the team during the process.

Subcontractor & Suppliers

Subcontractor and suppliers should also be a part of the Builders Construction Team and not someone who happens to be “low bid” on your home. Many times these trades are looked at as subordinate to the overall process and this attitude can lead to lack of cooperation, an unstable schedule, and poor quality. At John Piazza Jr. Construction, we have selected some of the finest tradesmen in the Snohomish, Island, and Skagit Counties and use them exclusively for each of our operations. For instance, we have chosen the best drywall contractor available and we have negotiated a fair price for each sheet of drywall to be installed according to our schedule in a workmanship like manner that will meet John Piazza Jr. Construction’s high standard of finishing. We know we can have drywall installed cheaper, but we also know that we cannot get the same quality if we “low bid” each job, hop from subcontractor to subcontractor, and try to deny the drywall man a reasonable profit for the high quality work we expect of him. By making the subcontractors and suppliers a part of the team, we are able to get the best prices for top quality work and keep the jobs on schedule. Our drywall contractor has been with us for over 20 years and he knows what we expect and knows he will be treated fairly and will always get paid on time. He gives us great prices, top quality work, and always finishes on time. When the heating man, electrician, plumber, etc work side by side year after year, camaraderie is created on our jobs that leads to a pleasant job site. This reflects positively on the quality of the final product.

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