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Every job has a schedule. Even if a customer says they are not in a rush, we eventually find they do in fact have a schedule when they evaluate the cost of money and how it affects a job which drags on forever. How long a home will take to build depends on the difficulty of the land development, the complexity of the structure of the home, its size, and the level of finishing that will go into the final home.

The schedule is also driven by the owner’s cooperation in making selections in a timely fashion so the product can be on site when needed for installation. As a rule of thumb, on a reasonable lot with reasonable design you should figure a minimum of 6 to 7 months to finish a custom home that is under 4,000 of finished square feet. For every thousand square feet over 4000, you should add about a month to the construction schedule. So a 6,000 finished square foot home should take about 8 to 9 months. The schedule should be specifically addressed in the contract, as well as the duties of the owner, contractor and other team players so a schedule can be established and adhered to by all parties.

At John Piazza Jr. Construction, we also include a start and finish schedule with our contract and if your selections are on time, we will not deliver the home late. (Check are references). We also include a selection schedule in our contract so you know up front when your decisions will be needed.

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