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The land is the single largest line item in any construction budget. In our area it usually ends up being somewhere between ½ and ¼ of the overall price of the home. If this line item is handled incorrectly, then the remaining elements of the budget will be seriously impacted. The single biggest mistake that the customer makes is to go out and purchase a lot without considering the other elements of the budget. If a person pays too much for the lot in relationship to the rest of the budget, or if they pick up an apparently cheap lot that has large land development costs, there may not be enough money remaining in the budget to meet the minimum standards for the home that were envisioned. This is not an anomaly and happens far too often when people purchase property without consulting a construction professional to put together the entire budget first. It is our recommendation that a customer meets with a design and building professional (or even better a design/builder like (John Piazza Jr. Construction Inc.) before embarking on a land search. You need to put together a budget concept to see approximately what the home and required finishing will cost so that it can be determined what is left in the budget to purchase the property. At John Piazza Jr. Construction, we encourage customers to have us walk their potential lot(s) so that we can give an evaluation of how the lot and its price might fit into their overall budget and construction plan.

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